Almeria (Roquetas) Shuttle Bus Stops

Everything you need to know - photos - co-ordinates - maps

Pick up point 1


Almerimar (AR Hotel)
coordinates 36.699881, -2.787515

Pick up point 2


Almerimar (Mercadona)
coordinates 36.699583, -2.788466

Pick up point 3


Almerimar (Velas blancas roundabout)
coordinates 36.708445, -2.792535

Pick up point 4


Roquetas (Best Roquetas Hotel , closest point to Playa Luna & Protur)
coordinates 36.721600, -2.630469

Pick up point 5


Roquetas (Bahia Serena Hotel)
coordinates 36.723212, -2.627572

Pick up point 6


Roquetas (Romanos Pub, closest point for Playa Linda, Capricho, Golf Trinidad)
coordinates 36.725006, -2.625266

Pick up point 7


Roquetas (Hotel Best Sabinal)
coordinates 36.731273, -2.618607

Pick up point 8


Roquetas (Mercadona)
coordinates 36.734667, -2.621976

Pick up point 9


Roquetas (Zoraida Park/Mediterraneo Bay)
coordinates 36.740126, -2.614686

Pick up point 10


Roquetas (Campita Cafe)
coordinates 36.756341, -2.608743

Pick up point 11


Roquetas (Hotel Don Angel)
coordinates 36.769118, -2.604731

Pick up point 12


Roquetas (Parque Salinas Residencial)
coordinates 36.773199, -2.604565

Pick up point 13


Roquetas (Auditorium near Grand Plaza shopping center)
coordinates 36.773842, -2.609980

Pick up point 14


Parador (Cafe Ramon, 50m from Mercadona)
coordinates 36.805947, -2.598992

Pick up point 15


Aguadulce (Parada Playa Dulce)
coordinates 36.808016, -2.575522

Pick up point 16


Aguadulce (Hotel Porto Magno)
coordinates 36.811337, -2.569381

Pick up point 17


Aguadulce (Centro Veterinario near Dia Supermarket)

Coordinates 36.813944-2.578997

Pick up point 18


Aguadulce (Roundabout at entrance to Palacio Congreso Aguadulce)

Pick up point 19


La Envia (Entrance roundabout)

Coordinates 36.838443, -2.614267


We recommend that you locate your shuttle stop at least a day before you travel so that you can estimate how long it will take you to walk there in time to meet your shuttle bus. Don't forget to add the extra time it will take to carry luggage etc. We cannot wait for late passengers otherwise it will jeopardise our arrival time at the airport and affect check-in time for our other passengers.

Disabled Passenger

If you have a disabled passenger in your group and need extra assistance, please let us know so that we can do everything we can to make the journey as stress-free as possible.