2018 New Routes

21st February, 2018

British Airways begin their first direct flights from Heathrow at the end of March with flights operating twice a week. Jet 2 have increased the frequency of the routes from 2017 and for this summer have added flights from Belfast, Birmingham and Stansted in addition to East Midlands, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle.

Following the demise of Monarch Airlines, Ryanair have added flights from Manchester to Almeria starting in June.

Transavia Airlines have also recently added flights from Rotterdam, 3 times a week from April.

A Full list of the new routes:

British Airways - (Heathrow-Almeria) Tuesdays and Saturdays commencing 24th March 2018

Jet 2 (Belfast-Almeria) Tuesdays and Saturdays commencing 5th May 2018

Jet 2 (Birmingham-Almeria) Wednesdays and Sundays commencing 3rd May 2018

Jet 2 (Stansted-Almeria) Thursdays and Sundays commencing 3rd May 2018

Ryanair (Manchester-Almeria) Thursdays and Sundays commencing 3rd June 2018

Transavia (Rotterdam-Almeria) Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays commencing 7th April plus Wednesdays during July and August

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