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Late Booking Fee

2nd July, 2019

As we strive for continued improvements to our service, we have taken a decision to try to deter customers from making last minute bookings which often has an impact on other passengers and creates logistical problems for us on a daily basis.

From today we have introduced a late booking fee for all airports. A fee of €10 per booking will be added to the ticket price for all bookings made after 18.00 CET (17.00 UK) for travel on the following day. The fee will also apply to same day bookings.

We have noticed a growing trend of last minute bookings which causes a huge amount of work and logistical issues for the business and often impacts on the service we are able to offer to other customers.

We have also noted over the past 5 years that a high percentage of these bookings are made in error, the following day, drivers report missing passengers, our staff call the missing passengers and the other passengers are delayed.

Customers are probably not aware of the work created by booking late, but to give you an idea each last minute booking has the following implications:

1) Our staff have to manually pass on the information to the bus administrators.
2) Administrators have to check whether or not there are sufficient extra seats on the planned vehicle to accommodate the extra passengers.
3) If there are insufficient seats the vehicle is changed and there is not always a replacement available.
4) Driver has to be notified, the extra person may affect the start time, change the route or finish time.

In the event that our staff miss a late booking, which fortunately does not happen too often due to the diligence of our team, we are obliged to send taxis to the airports in order to ensure we do not let anybody down at our own expense.

We understand that emergencies happen and we will continue to respond, we are trying to make late bookings the exception rather than standard practice.

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