The Rodriguez Shuttle Fleet

Latest Travel Restrictions

29th October, 2020

Latest update on travel restrictions.

Following the recent decisions by Regional Governments of Andalucía and Murcia to close their borders, as you would expect we have been inundated with people asking whether or not we are operating and whether or not they are able to travel.

The answer is that as a legal transfer service, we are able to continue operating our services between Almeria, Murcia and Alicante. We continue to ensure that the correct measures are in place, maximum 50% occupancy, use of masks, regular cleaning of the vehicles and supplying hand sanitizer to all passengers prior to boarding.

We are able to transport passengers who are travelling for justifiable reasons, such as returning to their habitual place of residence or travelling to care for other people etc. If you are not clear on whether you have a justifiable reason to travel we advise that you check in advance with the relevant authority as this is beyond our responsibility. All passengers should carry copies of flight boarding passes / reservations in case they are asked for proof by the police at any check point.

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